The Fritton Arms ShedRooms

Drawing on the best ideas we have seen at the very best parks around the country, The Fritton Arms ShedRooms represent the future and are something delightfully different from the rest of our park. Many people who love the idea of owning a bolt-hole in the UK might be ‘cash rich – time poor’ and worry about the hassle factor, they might also prefer high class concierge service as standard and ideally want to feel part of something – a clubby feel – enter the Fritton Arms ShedRooms!

ShedRooms can be one, two or three bed sheds by three of the coolest cabin companies around – Bert & May, Retreat Homes and Pinelog. Buy the license length you want,* share the burden with friends to bring the cost down – ‘shared ownership’, come whenever you want and The Fritton Arms will fill your fridge with freshly prepared estate produce, turn the heating on and take care of any other needs you might have for your stay . If you want to earn a bit of income on your investment, we can add your shed to the Fritton Arms bookings so when you’re not using it you’re earning from it.

Decoy Farm Meadow where the Fritton Arms ShedRooms will be located, is planted with a young broadleaf open woodland with wildflowers sown underfoot and shamelessly orientated for maximum south facing sun on your 40ft deck and maximum privacy from other ShedRooms, though we hope you will be like-minded like us and will soon find new shedfriends. If you want to escape the city and unwind somewhere refreshingly beautiful and only 2 hours from East London or Cambridge, a place with fantastic food, concierge service, the great outdoors and a clubby atmosphere, then our fun new ShedRooms might be just for you. A wood-fired hot tub and pair of cool bikes is included so you can be car-free and unwind the healthy way. We are selling off plan now for Christmas deliveries, so if you want to find out more ring or email me or Jude, we can’t wait to meet you.


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